In pictures… After a year of destruction and battles, this is what Khartoum has become

    After 12 months of fighting between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, most of the neighborhoods of the Sudanese…

    Happening in Khartoum… makeshift graves inside homes and unidentified bodies

    As the war came to an end, it had tested most Sudanese in their most valuable possession—their loved ones. In…

    “Secret” talks between Britain and the “Rapid Support” in Sudan

    The Guardian newspaper said that the British Foreign Office is holding secret talks with the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces, which…

    There was no decisive decision and the confrontations expanded…This is how Sudan looked a year after the war

    After a year of fighting that broke out in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, there was no military decisiveness, the scope…

    The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the France conference

    Yesterday, the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned France’s hosting of a conference on the humanitarian situation in Sudan on…

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