An increase in the number of peacekeepers seeking asylum from the territory of Tigray

The daily reference of the Refugee Housing Office in Gedaref State revealed a rise in the number of peacekeepers seeking asylum to 649 members of the Tarai tribe in Camp Amm Qarqur.

According to the daily reference by the Qadarif State Housing Office to refugees today, a number (247) of the total number of Qarqur’s mother have been legally examined and granted asylum status.

The indication also revealed that 333 villagers were in Camp Madina (6) in Damazin awaiting deportation to the permanent camps in eastern Sudan, as well as 31 members of the Camnet tribe in Camp Umm Rakuba awaiting deportation to Camp Babakri.

The reference indicated that all border reception centres with Ethiopia are free of any new entry to refugees in the city (8), Hamdayt, Tippers and Taia.

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