Direction to annex the green belt of the African green fence

The Supreme Council for Urban and Rural Environment and Promotion of Khartoum State is moving towards the implementation of the Green Belt Project in Khartoum State under the auspices of the Governor of Khartoum State, Mr. Ahmed Osman Hamza, as part of the global trend towards combating desertification and pollution.

In press statements, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Environment, Dr. Bushra Hamid Ahmed, confirmed the trend towards the reconstruction and registration of Belt land and the change of the Belt Implementation Plan to include a number of areas in the state so that there is a benefit exchange for the Belt communities.

Mr. Bushri revealed the idea of incorporating the Khartoum State’s green belt into the Great African Green Fence, which was one of the mechanisms adopted by the Organization of Sahelo-Saharan States, the Organization of the African Union and the United Nations Environment Commission, thereby contributing to the possibility of financing.

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Environment addressed the partnership and work in the Belt with the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock of Khartoum State and the National Forestry Authority on the technical and operational aspect of the Belt.

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