Ground landing in the Renaissance Dam area and catastrophic warning

A landslide in the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam area and a catastrophic warning of its collapse. A shocking surprise terrifies millions.

As climate changes continue to hit the world and resulting natural disasters, the Professor of Remote Sensing and Earth Systems Science at Chamban University of America, Hisham alaskari, revealed over the past hours that Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile is “definitively unsafe” according to some scientific studies.

Renaissance dam collapse

The “Hisham alaskari” said that it had participated in the preparation of a scientific study that alerted the presence of a ground landing at the Renaissance Dam site and showed a serious disruption to the safety factors of the dam as it was definitively unsafe.

He warned against repeating the scenario of the Libyan city of Derna in the Sudan, with the prospects of the collapse of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, according to his statements to the “Arab” satellite.

Renaissance dam is unsafe
The military revealed that Ethiopia’s storage of 74 billion cubic metres of water in the dam is a large and huge quantity, which will lead to a catastrophe that will kill the people of the region with the capabilities of 150 million citizens, namely Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, according to his statements to the “Arab” space.

Insecurity of the Renaissance Dam
Professor of remote sensing and geosystem science at Chamban University of America confirmed: “We have studies that confirm the insecurity of the Renaissance Dam as well as the construction stages and engineering designs of it. We have observed uneven ground displacement on the sides of the cumulus dam and have been increasing with different filling stages.

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