Sudan chairs the IGAD Ambassadors’ Committee at its regular session

Under the Sudan’s chairmanship of the Government Development Authority (IGAD), Ambassador Rahma Saleh Al-Obeid, Ambassador of the Sudan to Djibouti, and Delegate of the Sudan to IGAD, chaired the meeting of the regular session (40) of the IGAD Ambassadors’ Committee.

In the presence of the ambassadors of Member States Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, Somalia and Ethiopia, together with the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Djibouti represented his country on the Committee.

Address at the opening session, Dr. Jebiyehu, Executive Secretary of IQAD and Ambassador Rahma Saleh Al-Abid, Chairman of the Ambassadors’ Committee, have received me.

The meeting discussed the organization’s biannual performance report and the most important achievements achieved along with the challenges and future visions of the organization in view of the challenges facing the countries of the region.

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