Sudan is a partner of the Regional Centre for Natural Resources for Development

The Sudan was selected as a partner of the Regional Centre for Natural Resources for Development in Nairobi under the auspices of the African Union Commission for the implementation of the Global Environment Monitoring Programme in Africa.

The second phase of East Africa, which operates in three themes, namely monitoring, land assessment, wetland monitoring and assessment, and the Open Regional Reference Database, is the Programme’s focal point.

In this context, the Supreme Council for Environment and Natural Resources and WFP organized a workshop from 14 to 15 October at the Grand Holiday Villa Hotel to publicize the programme’s second phase with a view to obtaining national institutions to implement the three axes by strengthening human capacities in data and information and how to monitor and share them with the participation of relevant stakeholders from the Ministry of Agriculture, For, Pastures, Institutes, Institutes and Universities titutes.

Dr. Awattaf Abdul Kader, on behalf of the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Environment, stressed the importance of the workshop, which relies on the development of important environmental indicators for tropical, humid or geographical areas and clarifies the needs of those areas for sound environmental management that conserves resources.

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