The African Peer Review Mechanism commends Sudan’s role on the continent

His Excellency Ambassador Ali Al-Sadik Ali met with the delegation of the African Peer Review Mechanism headed by Ambassador Ali Husamuddin.

During the meeting, the delegation of the Mechanism commended Sudan’s pioneering role on the African continent as a founder of the African Peer Review Mechanism and commended Sudan’s past positions and assistance in the darkest conditions and in various fields to many African countries.

Ambassador Ali Husamuddin Al-Hafni Mahmoud, a member of the Mechanism’s High Personalities Committee and head of delegation, also noted that the African Peer Review Mechanism confirms its support for the Sudan in lifting its suspension of membership in the African Union.

For his part, the Minister for Foreign Affairs welcomed the delegation and affirmed the Sudan’s full readiness to cooperate with the African Mechanism. He thanked and appreciated the efforts of the Mechanism to lift the freeze on its membership in the African Union.

It is worth mentioning that the GM delegation visited the Sudan on December 19 and 20 to consult the national focal point on the future cooperation between the GM and the Sudan.

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