$425 million for Komisa member States for solar projects

Mohammed Bashar Mohammed, Undersecretary of Planning, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, with COMESA experts from Member States, headed by energy expert Ziyah Mulenga, has researched a thorough study of COMESA countries funded by the World Bank.

To encourage Member States to engage in the generation of electricity and renewable and clean energies and to focus on solar energy to standardize countries to choose excellent equipment and manufacturers so that countries do not come up with underperforming outcomes.

The meeting also examined the identification of pathways in States with regard to planning solar energy projects, standardization of standards and tariffs, and policies to encourage the private and mixed sectors to engage in solar energy projects and based on the encouragement policies they found in the Sudan with no taxes or customs.

Noting that when batteries were separate, they had customs and when they were in full units without customs, they were in full unit, he said that discussions were continuing on the project, noting the holding of a workshop with the purpose of educating and enlightening all those working in the energy sector and the importance of new and renewable energies.

For his part, Aziah Mulenga, an energy expert and chief expert of COMSA, explained that the Mission’s objective was to publicize the future vision of renewable energy and to develop a model solar standards model tariff framework for solar products, noting the promotion of energy in Member States, including the Sudan.

Mr. Mulenga revealed that the amount of $ 425 million for all Komisa member States for the project was being implemented from COMESA’s financial infrastructure facility and private sector investment support. Mr. Mulenga said that 40% COMESA member States did not enjoy electricity.

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