Chamber of Commerce organizes mineral wealth exports workshop

The National Chamber of Exporters organizes a workshop entitled “Exports of mineral wealth” on 30 July. Reality and Investment Opportunities) at 9 a.m. in the Chambers of Commerce Tower.

The Chairman of the Exporters’ Chamber Omar Bashir Al-Khalifa said that the workshop concludes the specialized workshops in connection with the General Conference for the Development of Sudanese Exports in September He noted that the mineral wealth exports workshop will see a different discussion through a scientific paper presented by the former Director of the General Authority for Geological Research Dr. Yusuf Al-Samani Yusuf and transparently poses the reality of mineral exports and investment opportunities untapped by huge wealth that has not yet found interest from the state.

Omar said that the workshop will bring together intermediate cadres from all clients exported from the Ministry of Minerals, the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources, the Geological Research Authority, the Ministry of Commerce, the Bank of Sudan, standards and standards and the Customs Authority, thereby enabling an open-minded dialogue with the mining exporter’s sector and how to overcome its obstacles to the Sudan economy.

The President of the Exporters’ Chamber said that the Minister of Commerce and Supply, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Minerals, the Director-General of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company and a number of commercial attachés of Arab countries associated with similar mining activity were invited to put everyone in front of the reality of unexplored treasures and offer opportunities to invest in them that contribute to the country’s economic crisis.

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