Chambers of Commerce propose lowering funding fees and taxes to increase revenue

The Federation of Chambers of Commerce, with a matrix of proposals to increase state revenues and reduce fees and levies, includes more than 20 proposals to maximize government revenues.

During the interactive meeting between the Employers’ Union and the Ministers of the Economic Sector, the Secretary-General of the Federation, Waqaf Salah Abdel-Aal, said that the Federation had developed a matrix of several proposals comprising more than (20) A proposal to maximize government revenues, stating that once implemented, it could reduce funding fees to less than (8%) and tax to (5%), value added to (1%), maximizing government revenue by at least (5) times.

The matrix, together with its treatment and resolution of government revenues, could contribute to the processes of increasing export production and maximizing revenues, and begin addressing external debt by initiating debt scheduling for the countries most under pressure on the Sudan.

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