Commencement of the Fifth Oil Grain and Legumes Conference at the Corinthia Hotel

The Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum began the Fifth Conference of Oil Grains and Legumes with representatives of the Ministry of Commerce, Supply, Agriculture and Forestry and the ambassadors of the Sultanate of Oman and India in Sudan with the participation of a large number of local and foreign companies and all relevant entities.

Addressing the opening session of the Conference, Mr. Issam Fadlallah, representative of the National Chamber of Exporters, said that the Conference presented a number of scientific papers on oil grains from various regions of the Sudan, especially sesame, peanuts and sun flower, as well as legumes.

The Sudan had great potential for the abundant production of oil grains, and the world viewed it as the most important source of food in the world’s food crisis. The Conference provided information on production and countries competing for oil grains to help decision makers with good governance for the benefit of the Sudan.

Dr. Amin Abbas, Secretary-General of the Sudanese Employers’ Union, explained that the establishment of the Conference contributed to the promotion of exports of oil grains, noting that the Sudan was one of the first countries to produce oil grains in Africa.

He said the gatherings and conferences were an opportunity to exchange information and increase marketing to enhance the country’s exports in light of the challenges to global production chains, stressing the importance of cooperation between exporters and donors to cover the significant shortage of oil grains and food oils.

The Conference honoured a number of personalities, including researchers, producers, exporters, farmers and companies, to contribute to the development and development of the country’s oil grains.

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