Direction to re-plan Khartoum and move industrial areas from the heart of markets

The Higher Council for Urban and Rural Environment and Upgrading in Khartoum State has unveiled a strategic plan to redefine the state’s planning to address the urban challenges it faces in the coming period.
The Secretary-General of the Council, D. Bushra Hamid Ahmed said that the new Khartoum State structural plan was prepared transparently and efficiently, but it was not implemented as required, noting that the plan works to address the use of the current city of Khartoum.

Bushra stressed the importance of moving new and old industrial zones from the heart of markets and benefiting from its commercial location No industrial activity should be certified, adding that 90% of these plants are not operational. Addressing the challenges facing the transfer of industrial zones in Khartoum, he stressed the importance of a safe campus between residential and industrial zones protection of cities “, calling for the importance of using that space for planting trees and forests to protect cities.

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