Employers’ Union receives Saudi investors delegation and confirms joint cooperation

Part of the reception for the delegation of Saudi investors

The General Federation of Sudanese Employers under the chairmanship of Hashim al-Sobat held a reception in the honour of visiting the Saudi investors’ delegation to the country in the presence of Dr. Djibril Ibrahim, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Governor of the Darfur Region, Minni Arko Menawi, Secretary General of the SoCouncil vereign Council.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, announced during his address to the celebration that Sudan welcomed Arab investments, especially Saudi Arabia inviting the delegation of Saudi investors to explore and exploit the country’s wide investment opportunities and to learn about its various areas, He pointed out that the challenges facing investment in Sudan are in themselves promising investment opportunities with meaningful investment returns especially in the areas of infrastructure such as roads, energy, airports, ports and services investment opportunities in agriculture, livestock, mining, industry and others, Promising to overcome and address all the difficulties facing their investments, he noted the efforts made to further facilitate the procedures of investment projects.

The Governor of the Darfur Region welcomed the visit of the Saudi investors’ delegation and their desire to invest in the Sudan in general and the Darfur region in particular He said the visit was an extension of the deep-rooted relations between the Sudan and Saudi Arabia. Call for investment partnerships between the two countries’ businessmen to exploit the resources and potential of the Territory in many areas We promise to tackle all obstacles to investment in the region, highlighting the importance of cooperation between all parties to exploit investment opportunities in order to contribute to the creation of new jobs, the stabilization of communities and the return of displaced persons and refugees.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Employers’ Union, Mohammed Ahmed Al-Zayn, reaffirmed the desire of the Federation in its various sectors and Sudanese businessmen in their various sectors to enter into more genuine investment partnerships with their business counterparts in Saudi Arabia for the benefit of the peoples of the two countries and the citizens of Darfur in particular, who are looking to receive Saudi investment to move the resources and potential of the region.

He said that the visit of the delegation of Saudi investors Tati and the country looked forward to further communication and cooperation in various fields, especially economic under dignified care and the desire of the leadership of the two countries.

For his part, His Excellency Ali Hassan bin Jafar, Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Khartoum, pointed out that the celebration held by the employers’ union reflects the extent to which Sudanese-Saudi relations are reflected in their true images.

He said, “Today, we form an object to begin to achieve what the leaders and the people of the two countries aim to expand and consolidate aspects of bilateral relations, foremost among them economic and investment aspects.” We look forward to a joint meeting to put what was agreed in the previous meetings into practice, thanking the Governor of Darfur for inviting the delegation of Saudi investors to visit Sudan and Darfur, especially to explore investment opportunities.

Noting that the visit of the delegation will prompt the visit of more Saudi investors to the Sudan, he praised the role of the employers’ union in promoting and developing economic relations between the two countries.

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