Germany wants to enter into investment partnerships with Sudan

Ambassador Ilham Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed, Ambassador of Sudan to the Federal Republic of Germany, met at the premises of the German Parliament (Bundestag), with Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the German Parliament Michael Roth.

The meeting dealt with ways to strengthen and develop bilateral relations between the two countries, especially in the fields of energy, renewable energy, transfer of technology, utilization of Sudan’s great potential in the agricultural and animal resources field, and addressing the challenges of food security.

The ambassador presented a briefing on the developments of the ongoing political process and the imminent signing of the final political agreement and the formation of a civil government, expressing her aspiration for future cooperation between the German parliament and the transitional legislative council that will be formed during the coming period, and the dialogue between the two countries regarding the challenges surrounding the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea and the role played by Sudan in promoting regional peace and security.

For his part, Roth stressed the importance of Sudan for Germany within the framework of its African relations, expressing his keenness to strengthen aspects of cooperation between the two countries, to continue the support provided by Germany to Sudan during the transitional period, and to enter into partnerships in the fields of trade, investment, and energy and food security.

He expressed hope that the parties will reach a final political agreement in the interest of the Sudanese people.

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