Minister of Finance confirms Sudan’s readiness to receive Arab investments

Dr. Jabril Ibrahim, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, confirmed Sudan’s full readiness to receive Arab investments, Mashirali that strategic partnerships are important and joint work.

During his participation in the meeting of the Economic and Social Council of the League of Arab States in the Republic of Egypt, he reaffirmed the full readiness and sufficient political will available to overcome all obstacles to Arab investment in the Sudan and the number of the Sudan’s potential for arable land of 175 million acres translated into 74 million hectares. water “, together with 400 billion cubic metres of groundwater and rainwater, The Sudan owned the world’s largest freshwater underground basin and river water.

Dr. Gabriel said that all conditions are conducive to agriculture and are available to the Arab world. He called on all Arab efforts under the leadership of the Arab League and under the leadership of the Secretary-General of the Arab League to take advantage of these possibilities to achieve a greater level of Arab food security shortly at the ministerial meeting of the Economic Council.

Dr. Gebrell said that the meeting was taking place in exceptional circumstances and a delicate turn for all the world and had not yet recovered from the effects of the coronavirus epidemic and faced many challenges posed by emergency geopolitical conditions, which had led to a significant increase in production inputs and prices of agricultural products that had led to significant disruption in food supply chains, calling on the League of Arab States and member States States to make special arrangements to mitigate the effects of these events, especially on member States States and the Economic.

The Arab region is witnessing critical developments in which the needs for supporting economic and financial stability are growing.He stressed that the challenges of Arab food security must be met with unemployment and sustainable development. The world was concerned about the food security situation, which was being discussed between Arab and African countries.

United Nations gatherings and revealed that the world’s main concern is food security, indicating that this meeting is very important to give enough time to food security for reasons that the League of Arab States is giving more time to allocate resources to address the problem of Arab food security because it is part of Arab national security, Noting that the Arab world is in complete fragility compared to any other countries on the food security side, we need to make greater efforts in greater integration among these countries.

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