Ministry of Finance 45 trillion pounds to finance the country’s agricultural season

The Ministry of Finance and National Economy has approved Pound45 trillion to finance the summer agricultural season of the country’s mechanized and rainy agriculture.

In press releases, the Vice-Chairman of the Sudan Farmers’ Plenipotentiary Committee, Mr. Greg Kampal, disclosed the receipt by the Sudanese Agricultural Bank of the amount allocated for financing operations.

Referring to the federal government’s direct directive to transfer cash through the movements of the armed forces of the states directly.

Mr. Greg Kampal emphasized that 45 trillion (50%) of the total funding for the initial phase in agricultural operations, noting the directives of the Director General of the Sudanese Agricultural Bank to all branches of the Bank in the states that technical and administrative procedures for financing farmers should be initiated this week directly, commending the efforts of the First Deputy of the Sovereign Council in addressing the financing dilemma of the summer agricultural season.

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