Professionals’ Association: We refuse to establish parallel ports owned by foreign companies or countries

The Sudanese Professionals Association announced its refusal to privatize the country’s ports and establish parallel ports owned by foreign companies or countries.

Rassemblement stressed that it did not recognize any domestic or international agreement concluded by the current Government.

He warned States, international and local institutions, trade groups, companies and others not to enter as parties to deals.

The group said in a statement that allowing the privatization of Sudan’s ports or the establishment of parallel ports, owned by foreign companies or States, not only means the gradual termination of Sudan’s sovereignty, but directly leads to the transformation of Sudanese State-owned Port Sudan and Suakin ports into abandoned ruins that deprive the Sudanese people of their operating revenues.

In addition to other, more damaging objectives, the Sudan’s loss of control over the identification and management of exporter and resource movements, its transformation into a hotbed by multinational corporations, and all those active in plundering wealth and resources.

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