Specifications and measures: sacrificial skins national wealth and economic value

The Sudanese Authority for Standards and Standards has demanded the preservation of sacrificial skins as a nation’s wealth that yields a significant return.

Eng. Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Kader, Director General-in-Charge of the Sudanese Commission for Standards and Metrics, announced the launch of the sixteenth national campaign to raise awareness of slaughter methods and proper skins and preserve sacrificial skins under the slogan (Leather is a national wealth and economic value) in cooperation with the National Center for Leather Improvement from July 1 to July 15. The campaign includes awareness-raising and mentoring programmes through various media means read, visual and audible in the Center and the states.

He added that the specifications used to organize a national media campaign to sensitize consumers about the steps of proper slaughter and maintaining sacrificial skins annually as Eid al-Adha came close In addition to the proper handling of meat and methods of preservation and cooking, this project has been started since 2005 in the framework of protecting and upgrading the national economy and explaining that the campaigns resulted in a decrease in the proportion of damaged leather, He pointed out that leather is considered an important national economic wealth, especially the skins of sacrificial sheep, as it is the biggest season for slaughtering sheep and called on consumers to take care of leather and not be damaged and to expedite its delivery to the nearest gathering point, Appreciate the great efforts of others in this great national and economic work.

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