Sudan prohibits 23 Ethiopian products from entering the country

The Standards and Measurement Authority of the Blue Nile Region branch said it is doing its work efficiently and seriously in monitoring goods imported from neighbouring countries and ensuring that they conform to national standards.

Mr. Al Fadil Hassan, Director of Standards, Regional Branch, stated that the branch had authorized 12 samples of soap imported from Ethiopia after verifying their quality and safety.

While 23 samples were rejected for incompatibility with the required specifications and banned from entering the country.

The Director stated that the branch had not received any negative reports from laboratories regarding the first two oil imported from Ethiopia, and was therefore considered a consumable product available in the region’s markets.

According to the official Sudan News Agency, SUNA plays an important role in following up on pesticides imported into the region. It takes the interest of farmers and consumers into account and is keen to prevent the entry of any unauthorized or non-conforming pesticide.

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