The Minister of Finance calls on the Federation of the Industrial Chamber to drive production

He called D. Djibril Ibrahim, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, refers to the need to revitalize the industrial sector and address the problems it suffers in order to move the Sudanese economy and provide employment opportunities for young people.

This came at his meeting with the Federation of the Industrial Chamber and the Directors of the Customs Authority and the Secretary-General of the Tax Office.

Gebril stressed the need for the industrial sector to improve its competitiveness, stressing the protection of domestic production from dumping and the assembly of small plants in large plants to increase production and to produce alternatives to imported goods, noting that to reduce production costs to increase competitiveness and enter into major projects that contribute to driving production in the fields of electricity via solar power as well as participating in the strengthening of the Industrial Development Bank and sugar companies.

He noted the formation of joint committees to address the problems affecting the industrial sector in order to move the national economy forward and called on the Minister of Finance to submit concrete proposals in that area.

For his part, the Deputy Director-General of the Federation of Industrial Chambers, Jack Babaker, explained that all problems relating to the Industrial Chambers sector in the Sudan had been discussed at the meeting.

The meeting stressed the need to find solutions to all the sector’s problems by establishing a tripartite committee of the Federation of Industrial Chambers, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Federal Industry.

It is the Committee’s mandate to examine all the problems of the industrial sector and identify specific recommendations for resolving each problem and submit them to the Minister of Finance for appropriate decisions.

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