Tighter control over distribution of petroleum materials to prevent smuggling in Khartoum

The Secretary-General of the Government of Khartoum State directed Professor Rabah Ahmed Hamid to tighten control over the distribution of petroleum materials and their derivatives from warehouses to distribution stations and to prevent their smuggling outside official channels for the distribution of combustion and cooking gas approved by the state authority.

He appealed to citizens when he chaired the meeting of the Petroleum Materials and Derivatives Control Committee in Khartoum State to report any cases of smuggling of petroleum materials, especially cooking gas, as subsidized by the State for domestic use rather than for commercial purposes. The meeting also ensured the establishment of a mechanism for the exchange of information and the submission of daily reports to the Presidency of the State on the position of fuel and gas flow, as well as the immediate processing of areas suffering from the lack of petroleum derivatives, in order to achieve the principle of equitable distribution in all regions of the state.

The mechanism includes supply and economic security investigations and the Department of Public Transport and Petroleum. The meeting also approved the establishment of a central operating room headed by the state to receive citizens’ reports and complaints and act immediately.

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