21 suspected cases of monkey pox have emerged in Western Sudan State

Ms. Najah Mohamed Ahmed El Hajj, Chair of the Permanent Medical Team for Response and Response in Western Darfur, Western Sudan, revealed that 21 suspected cases of the mandate and one positive case had emerged.

The objectives of the visit were technical and logistical support for teams deployed in the localities, as well as coordination with relevant entities to combat monkey pox disease.

She stressed that the delegation was conducting a field tour to Krink District to investigate and study active cases and take samples of suspected cases, and appealed to citizens to be informed to reduce the seriousness of the disease.

Khamis Abdullah Abkar, Governor of Western Darfur State, announced the State Government’s support to the Ministry of Health in combating monkey pox disease and preventing its spread among citizens.

During his meeting with the delegation, Khamis pointed out that the boundaries of the sprawling jurisdiction and the transit through it of West Africans contribute to the entry of diseases, which requires concerted official and popular efforts to prevent them, noting the need to establish integrated labs in border areas to reduce the spread of diseases.

A scientific study should be conducted to reduce the spread of monkeys’ disease among citizens.

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