Al Jazeera’s Ministry of Health is qualified to provide services and support the wounded in hostilities

Reviewed the 2024 budget discussion meeting of the Ministry of Health in the State of Al Jazeera this morning chaired by Dr. Osama Abdulrahman Ahmed Al Faki, Director General of the Ministry of Health, in the presence of the delegation of the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Manpower headed by Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Al Safi s efforts to stabilize the medical service of patients in the state and other states in the circumstances of the country.

The Director-General confirmed that his Ministry was qualified to continue to provide high-quality medical and health services and support the initiative of the Operative Wounded and Cancer Patients and thanked the State Ministry of Finance, which continued to provide substantial support to health services despite scarce and decreasing revenues.

The meeting ensured the need for horizontal expansion of Iranian staff, attention to workers’ compensation, opening of employment opportunities to meet the migration of cadres, as well as the lack of increased fees for medical services provided to citizens, the provision of quality, acceptable and sustainable medical services and the focus on priority development projects as directed.

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