Warning about the dangers of tobacco for women and children

The Tobacco Control Programme of the Federal Ministry of Health has launched warnings about the prevalence of smoking among children and women.

Dr. Sarah Al-King, Director of the General Department of Health Promotion, Federal Ministry of Health, said during the press conference and announced the launch of the celebration of World Tobacco Control Day under the slogan The Ministry of Higher Education Hall said that the Sudan was one of the first countries to sign the Federal Tobacco Control Act of 2005, as well as the Tobacco Control Regulation of 2021.

Interventions were still needed to protect against the risk of tobacco by providing takeoff centres and how to take off. and Khartoum has 22 centres providing consultation services only and no medicine is available for take-off.

Sara noted that there is no research and studies on use in society and the last research was in 2018 adding that the warnings in the cigarette box are old, and need an increase in the warning area from 30 to 75% and a daughter that despite the tax increase to 290% but does not affect the product.

Dr. Sara said, among other challenges, that global support has ceased and there has been no support from global health since the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the downloading of the tobacco control regulation for reality. She said, “We count on the Consumer Protection Association, which is our eye in the community, and we aim to raise awareness of a warning message through the tobacco box, besides the provincial social shops, and activating the law.

Rashid Mohammed Ali, Director of Partnerships, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Health, said that tobacco is a drug route among children and women, and that pregnant women who smoke are prone to the birth of children with amputees and legs.

Al-Rasheed said we will work to activate the partnership with the People’s Educational Hospital and the private sector for the rehabilitation of tobacco cessation centres and the provision of medicines, as well as not expanding new factories and investment in the tobacco industry, as well as preventing smoking in universities and schools and applying the slogan of our right to health by allocating the morning quota to raise awareness of tobacco risks. Adding we suffer from passive smoking

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