Because of the potential war with Hezballah, the Israeli occupation is preparing for a total power outage

Israel’s Channel 12 reported on widespread power outages in the Kiryat Shamwa settlement following its targeting of missiles Thursday in what it called a “dangerous scenario.”

The channel’s political correspondent said that a special debate had been held on the readiness of the Front of the Interior with the participation of the Minister of the Occupation Army, the Director-General of the Ministry of the Army, the Commander of the Front of the Interior and the chairpersons of municipal councils.

The likely scenario of complete darkness and power outages during a large-scale Hizbullah rocket attack in the context of a war was discussed.

Shaul Goldstein, who heads the Nuga electricity company, said that Israel had several strategic sites and that if they were bombed, they would result in prolonged power outages and could develop into total outages.

Israeli ministries were instructed to prepare for a 24 to 48-hour blackout scenario or “more extreme scenarios.”

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