Four countries restrict Sudanese entry into their territories

By withdrawing Sudanese nationality from the new residency regime, a fourth State restricts Sudanese entry into its territory.

Since the outbreak of the war in the Sudan, more than 1 million Sudanese have, according to unofficial statistics, taken refuge in Arab and African States but flowed them with considerable preparation, prompting a number of States to adopt decisions limiting their entry into their territories.

By its recent decision, Qatar had joined countries that had taken similar decisions, varying relatively from State to State. Egypt, which, although more than 430 thousand Sudanese had entered the country, had taken action to grant a visa that took a long time to receive.

As for Saudi Arabia, after entering more than 76 thousand Omra visas, the authorities in Al-Haramain took the first decision to suspend the granting of Omar visas to Sudanese and a week ago, it was entitled to a second decision suspending the granting of a business visa.

The State of Eritrea has also taken the decision to suspend the entry of Sudanese into the capital, Asmara, because of their overcrowding, but it has not prohibited entry into its territory, although the four countries have taken decisions to restrict Sudanese entry, other countries such as Uganda, the Arab Emirates, Ethiopia and South Sudan continue to receive Sudanese without restrictions.

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