Al-Burhan exempts the members of the Sovereign council Here are the reasons

The President of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, issued a decision to exempt the five members of the Sovereign Council from the civilian component (Rajaa Newkola, Abu al-Qassim Bartam, Salma Abdul-Jabbar, Jad Karim and Abdel-Baqi Abdadir).

According to media sources, before delivering his speech yesterday evening, the Panel met with the members in question and told them of the exemption order.

The sources added that Burhan thanked the two members of the Sovereign Council for their tenure in the Republican Palace and praised their acceptance of the mandate at this critical time.

Burhan appointed the new members of the Sovereign Council last November.The two members of the Sovereign Council officially received letters of exemption today. She added: “Proof told them that the exemption step is a prelude to the atmosphere of dialogue to achieve national consensus and consensus that complements the path of transition and democratic transition towards elections.”The proof (Mr. Malik Aqar, Hadi Idris and Tahir Hajar) remained in office because they came to the sovereign council in accordance with the Juba Peace Entitlement.Al-Burhan said yesterday that the Sovereign Council would be dissolved after the formation of the Executive Government, along with the formation of a High Council of Armed Forces of the Armed Forces and Rapid Support, which would take over the high command of the regular forces.

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