Al-Burhan: The militia’s talk about democracy is false and misleading.

The President of the Sovereign Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, said that the talk promoted by the rebel rapid support militia on democracy and justice was misleading and false, asserting its involvement in breaking up the picket of the general leadership and denouncing the Sudanese people.

Addressing the Atbara artillery, Al-Burhan said that after 2019, the Sudanese militia considered the Sudanese state to be a booty that must be manipulated and their share taken, as their demands did not stop even in national civil and military projects such as military manufacturing, Zadna, Ariab and other projects.

He pointed out that these demands were the main driver of the April 15 war seeking to divide the Sudan.

The Commander-in-Chief described the rebel militia’s actions as a stab wound to the Sudanese people, citing its grave violations of citizens’ property and property, as well as its destruction of State institutions and damage to infrastructure.

He stressed that the armed forces were capable of deterring anyone who begged him to tamper with the capabilities of the Sudanese people and to undermine their dignity and sovereignty.

He commended the efforts of all uniformed forces in their various formations and units to counter the rebel militia’s aggression. Al-Burhan explained that what happened on 15 April stands behind the personal aspiration of one or two persons or specific group with the aim of engulfing the Sudanese state, confirming their full knowledge of the beginnings of these people and how they infiltrate power, and said that there are many facts that will be revealed in due course.

The President of the Sovereign Council reaffirmed his assurances that the armed forces would continue to end this war peacefully or in war.

Burhan directed the Nile River State Government to proceed with the opening of schools for students and to organize the educational process in order to avoid disrupting the school year.

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