An active movement to activate the work of Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its diplomatic missions

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is witnessing an active movement in the direction of activating the work headed by the Ministry and Sudan’s foreign diplomatic missions.

In this context, the Ministry has made great strides in filling vacant positions in diplomatic missions abroad.

A number of new Sudanese ambassadors arrived in a number of capitals and important centers to their work sites, and a number of others are preparing to leave the country, while the approval of friendly countries for the nominations of new Sudanese ambassadors continues.

During the past weeks, ambassadors in New York, Abu Dhabi, Ankara, Paris, Kampala, Geneva, Djibouti, Lusaka and Muscat assumed their duties at the head of Sudan’s diplomatic missions in those locations. Sudan’s ambassadors are preparing in Moscow and Dublin Islamabad, Rabat, Dakar, Doha and Nairobi to leave for their work sites.

In the past few days, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received the approval of South Africa and Austria for the two ambassadors nominated for them. Also, during the past week, a number of missions were supported with diplomatic cadres of various degrees.

A source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told that the movement of ambassadors and diplomats represents the beginning of an end to abnormal conditions that continued for three years in most diplomatic missions, as they remained without ambassadors and sometimes without diplomats for various reasons, in addition to the missions suffering from the cessation of financial transfers and the impact of this on the side,and on the other side the reflection of political differences during the last period on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its missions, and the movement of turnouts and exemptions among ambassadors, diplomats and administrators for various reasons, which emptied many diplomatic missions of their staff.

A diplomatic expert noted that this period is characterized by the presence of two professional diplomats with long experience in the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they are Minister-designate Ambassador Ali Al-Sadiq, and Agent Ambassador Dafallah Al-Haj Ali, and this is happening for the first time in a long time. He considered that this is a good opportunity to confirm the national professional role of Sudanese diplomacy by focusing on national constants to protect sovereignty and higher national interests away from internal political strife and narrow partisan agenda.

He said that the success of the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in renewing the blood of diplomatic missions and filling the large voids in them and its endeavor to bridge the divisions that afflicted part of the diplomatic establishment is welcome and will contribute to the restoration of Sudan to its international position.

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