Freedom and Change Holds a Workshop to Evaluate the Transitional Period Experience

The Sudan Freedom Forces and the Al-Dmograti newspaper organize today’s transitional period assessment workshop at the Sudanese Lawyers’ House, in which various academic and political entities participate. Freedom and Change member Eng. Khaled Selk confirmed that the workshop is a new experience in the Sudan and comes as a framework of criticism of the post-revolutionary democratic experience with both positive and negative.

He told a press conference that the past period has had an impact on the Sudan and we look to draw lessons learned in the context of the experience of democratization, pointing out that the workshop comes in cooperation with the newspaper Al-Daudi as an independent body during which 10 scientific papers are presented in the presence of leaders of political and diplomatic action and resistance committees.

The second paper on the performance of the executive and sovereign organs is presented by Eng. Khaled Omar Youssef. The second paper on the constitutional document from a critical perspective is presented by Madani Abbas Madani and a paper on justice and reform of the justice system during the transitional period. It is presented by Nasruddin Abdulbari and other papers on peace and security.

Dr. Hisham Mohamed Al-Nur, a representative of Al-Dmograti newspaper, said that democracy is an independent platform and does not follow any party and has continued to support the revolutionary and democratic forces, stressing the need to assess the experience of the democratic transition in the Sudan, stressing their keenness to have a voice other than freedom and change to assess the experience.

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