National Movement Holds a Press Conference on Dialogue

Demanding a Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue in which all the Sudanese people participate, the Forces of National Movement declared that no bilateral agreement between the military component and freedom and change should be accepted, threatening to stand against it and use all methods to resist it. During a press conference held today in Khartoum military component to be within one distance of all political forces and that any encounter must include real stakeholders.

El-Sisi revealed disagreements with the tripartite mechanism, which would delay the dialogue. The representative of the African Union stated that there was a lack of transparency was extremely dangerous and said that he would not use transparency to pass special agendas for divisions in the Sudan and create security fragility.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations demanded a reconsideration of his envoy’s situation in the Sudan and the withdrawal of UNTAMS Head of Mission Fuckler Peretz because he was not impartial and his policy would lead to problems among politicians. He called for the Government’s intervention to stop the UN conflict against the Sudan, demanding that the sovereign Council intervene immediately to stop that conflict. and the need for the tripartite mechanism to continue to be within one distance of all political forces, We need to think about how to lay the peaceful foundations for the leaders of the transition period through an inclusive dialogue.

It is. Member of the National Movement, Ms. Mayad Sawar Aldahab, stressed that the dialogue should be Sudanese and that others should not be excluded. National Movement member Ali Yusuf demanded alhindy. It is important that all Sudanese participate without discrimination.

Alhindy added that national consensus is a solution for all Sudanese and said that what Vuckler brings is a conflict. A new world that alerted the people of Sudan of its seriousness at a time when alhindy called on all the people of Sudan to heed today’s invasion of Sudan to steal its choices.

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