Prime Minister of Ethiopia receives member of the Sovereign Ibrahim Jaber

Mr. Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, received at his office Mr. Lieutenant General Naval Corner Engineer Ibrahim Jaber Ibrahim, Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and Special Envoy of the President of the Sovereign Council.Lieutenant General Ibrahim Jaber conveyed to the Prime Minister a letter from General Abdul Fatah Al Burhan on many issues, the most important of which was the strengthening of bilateral relations and the support of the two countries to each other in the interest of the two peoples.In this context, Lieutenant General Bahri Ibrahim Jaber, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, signed a peace agreement between the Ethiopian Government and the destination for the liberation of the Tarri people and expressed the Sudan’s readiness to support the implementation of the agreement.On the other hand, Mr. Ibrahim Jaber presented to the Prime Minister the road map prepared by the Sudan in his capacity as President of IGAD with a view to operationalizing the Organization in all aspects of its work to achieve security, stability and economic integration in the region, as well as issues related to the achievement of security and stability in the Organization’s States and expanding cooperation with non-traditional partners.Lieutenant General Ibrahim Jaber also explained the developments in the political process in the Sudan, which he hoped would lead to a national consensus that would pave the way for a smooth democratic transition in the Sudan.

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