Restructuring the dismantling committee and eliminating empowerment

The Secretary-General of the Committee for the Dismantling of June 30, 1989 – Frozen – Mr. Al-Tayeb Osman revealed the formation of an Executive Committee for the reinstatement of the Committee, whose membership consists of the same as the Committee’s frozen membership.

Local newspapers revealed details of the 30 June 1989 dismantling committee’s workshop to be held early next week as one of the final agreement issues.

In a press release, Al-Tayeb said that the composition of the committee was followed by the signing of the framework agreement with a view to evaluating past experience in order to further refine the work and thoroughly review the involvement of those involved.

“We have held workshops to assess the experience of dismantling through civil society groups and to bring professionals together to take advantage of their outputs in consolidating the work of the Commission.”

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