Session of political talks between the Sudan and the European Union

Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a session of political discussions within the framework of the dialogue between the Sudan and the European Union. The Sudanese side was headed by Ambassador Dafallah El Hadj Ali, Under-Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while the European Union in Khartoum and the ambassadors of Spain, France and the chargés of the embassies of Sweden, Germany and Italy.

The session dealt with the process of resuming the Sudanese-European dialogue in a closely linked manner leading to common and constructive understandings that served the interests of the Sudan and strengthened its relations with the European Union.

For his part, the Undersecretary appreciated the statements of the European missions regarding their continued desire to provide aid and assistance to the Sudan and to make the process of political dialogue a success by supporting the tripartite mechanism. He also expressed appreciation for the European missions’ efforts to bring the parties closer together in the context of a smooth return to democratic transition and to free and fair elections.

The agent expressed the Sudan’s hope that the parties would strengthen their cooperation relations and move them to greater prospects in the political, economic and security fields and all vital sectors, especially agriculture, industry and mining.

The parties agreed to hold rank-and-file dialogue sessions to strengthen the Sudan’s cooperation relations with European Union States.

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