Supreme Committee of Renaissance Dam listens to inform Minister of Irrigation about negotiations

The Minister of Cabinet Affairs in charge of Osman Hussein Osman today chaired the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers the periodic meeting of the Supreme Committee to follow up on the file of the Renaissance Dam.

The meeting heard an enlightenment by the Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources in charge of Du Beit engineer Abdulrahman Mansour on the second round of negotiations in the United Arab Emirates.

The Meeting ensured that common understandings between the three States were needed that took into account the high strategic interests of the three States.

It should be noted that the Supreme Committee for Monitoring the File of the Renaissance Dam held its first meeting early this month after its restructuring under the chairmanship of the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Mr. Osman Hussein Osman, and reviewed the functions, competencies and working methodology.

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