Transitional Sovereign Council President receives Indonesia and Uganda ambassadors’ credentials

The President of the Sovereign Council, General Abdul Fattah al-Burhan, today received the credentials of the ambassadors of Uganda and Indonesia to the Sudan in the presence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs in charge of Ambassador Ali al-Sadik.

Indonesia’s Ambassador to the Sudan, Ambassador Sonako, said in a press statement that he was pleased to present his credentials as Ambassador and Commissioner to his country in the Sudan, referring to the privileged relations between the two countries that extended for nearly 62 years, stating that he conveyed his greetings to the President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council.

The Indonesian Ambassador commended the level of cooperation between the two countries in the field of higher education.The Ambassador of the Republic of Yugoslavia to the Sudan, Ambassador Rashid Yahya, said that he conveyed his greetings to the President of the Sovereign Council and his satisfaction with the evolving relations between the Sudan and Uganda and his deep commitment to the need to develop bilateral cooperation relations.

He thanked and appreciated the President’s visit to Uganda last March.

We appreciate the active role played by the two States in achieving security and stability in the region and in maintaining the security of the State of South Sudan. We affirm that our country is closely following developments in the Sudan and supports the efforts of the troika to ensure the success of the political process in the Sudan.

The Uganda Ambassador thanked the Government of the Sudan for the scholarships it continued to provide for Ugandan students to study in the Sudan and called for the continuation of the scholarship programme as it strengthened the Sudan’s bilateral cooperation with Uganda.

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