FIFA delegation in Khartoum.

Completed Tuesday morning (12 July 2022) The arrival of the FIFA delegation (FIFA) Composed of Risk and Development and Projects Departments headed by Ethiopian ABGEL Responsible for Projects and Development of the International Football Federation FIFA is in the East and Central Africa region on an official visit to Sudan to supplement the measures to lift the financial embargo on the Sudanese Football Federation and to explore projects under implementation, notably the lounge covered by the Federation land, the five-year football stadium and the beach in the Sudanese sports city and the financing of projects
FIFA’s delegation will begin its first meeting at the headquarters of the Sudanese Football Federation in Khartoum (2) at 8.30am today, 12 July 2022, with the General Secretariat of the Federation and Financial Management.

For his part, President of the Sudanese Football Federation Dr. Mutasim Jafar Ser Al-Khatoum welcomed the delegation of the International Football Federation (FIFA) in Khartoum and said that we are pleased with this visit, which is considered the first in the era of the Federation and is important for us because it comes as a culmination of our efforts and our efforts to lift the financial embargo against the Sudan Association an embargo.

The President of the Federation explained that the meetings will begin on Tuesday morning with the General Secretariat and Financial Management and will communicate as requested by the FIFA delegation with the targets of the visit and the officials of its files and will end with the meeting of the Union’s presidents, who are present from deputies and board members in Khartoum.

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