105 died and 96 injured as a result of floods in Sudan

The National Council for Civil Defense revealed in its daily report that 105 people died and 96 were injured across the country as a result of rains, torrential rains and floods.

The council explained in its report that the statistics cover the period from the beginning of the fall until Saturday, the third of this September, as there was a total collapse of 34,328 houses, a partial collapse of 46,428 houses, as well as damage of 225 facilities and 108 stores and warehouses.

The council indicated that the highest death rate was with 24 cases in North Kordofan state, and that the highest percentage of injuries was 29 cases in South Kordofan. With 9978 houses, the highest percentage of damage to facilities is in the Nile, with 58 facilities, and the highest percentage of stores and 32 stores in North and South Kordofan.

The council revealed that the affected facilities in the states are in the educational sector 183, the health sector 9, the service sector 13, mosques 11 and others 9.

It is worth noting that the above statistics are cumulative since the beginning of the fall season until today.

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