92% of Sudanese see the country on the wrong path

A research study of the Afro-Barometer network carried out by the Sudan Center for Ray Surveys and Statistical Studies showed that 92% of Sudanese say the country is on the “linear path.”

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On the economic situation in the country, research from the same network indicated that 84% of Sudanese say that the country’s economic conditions are “somewhat poor” or “very bad”, and 75% of Sudanese show that the economic situation in the country is worse than it was 12 months ago.

According to the Afrobarometer survey, 30% of respondents say the economic situation will improve next year.

62% describe their personal living conditions as “rather bad” or “very bad.”

Researcher Rana Abdullah of the Sudan Center for Research and Statistical Studies presented an introduction to the Center and pointed out that one of the most important reconnaissance centres in the Sudan was established in 2010 by the Director General, Mr. Al-Mughayyir Fadhal Al-Sayed, and works to support decision makers with important information through studies and surveys.

The previous study was carried out by the Sudan Centre, the national partner of the Afro-Barometer Network, through a paper submitted by the Al Faisal Cultural Centre in Khartoum entitled “Perspectives on democracy and economic direction in the Sudan.

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