A 24-hour humanitarian truce in Sudan

The humanitarian truce entered into force in Sudan, starting at 6:00 pm today, Tuesday, local time, for a period of 24 hours after the army and Rapid Support accepted its work, following US contacts to contain the escalation, while it was reported that several violations of the truce were recorded.

Resources reported hearing loud explosions and clashes in separate areas of Khartoum, after the start of the humanitarian truce this evening.

Also had previously referred to warplanes flying south of Khartoum shortly after the humanitarian truce took effect in Khartoum, adding that the ground anti-aircraft responded heavily to those planes.

So far, the clashes have left about 200 dead and 2,000 injered, according to the United Nations, while significant material losses have been recorded.

The mutual shelling caused damage to public services, and a spokesman for the Red Cross in Sudan said that there is a major problem in the provision of water and electricity in several areas of the city.

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