A chip that allows iPhones to connect to satellites

The “iPhone 14” model contains a “Qualcomm” chip that can communicate with satellites, and it also includes additional components from the “Apple” company that are specially designed and used in the new feature that the company added to its famous phone.

According to an analysis by iFixit and a statement by Apple. Apple released the new version of the “iPhone 14” phone on Friday, and it contains a major new feature represented in the new phone’s ability to connect to satellites, to send emergency messages when there is no “Wi-Fi” or cellular (5G) connection.

And Apple said – earlier this September – that the iPhone 14 model contains new components that make emergency message service possible, and the company plans to activate these components with the next software update in October.

Apple did not give details about the components of the satellites, which is why iFixt – a California-based company that disassembles iPhones and other electronic devices to assess how easy it is to repair – dismantled the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and revealed: Qualcomm X65 chip.

Qualcomm’s chip provides connectivity with 5G cellular networks, but is also capable of using the so-called “Band N53”, the frequency band used by Globalstar satellites. Global Star announced – earlier this September – a deal under which Apple will acquire up to 85% of Global Star’s satellite network capacity, to enable Apple’s new emergency messaging feature.

For its part, Apple revealed that there are additional special components and software in the iPhone 14 for the new messaging feature.

The company said in its statement that “iPhone 14 includes special radio frequency components and new software entirely designed by Apple, and that enables emergency messaging via satellite in the new iPhone 14.”

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