A cultural exhibition and a pavilion for children in Al-Sammaniya tent on the Prophet Mohamed birthday

The Samani, Tayyibi, Al-Hasaniyyah Order of the Prophet’s birthday, under the slogan (His birth, peace be upon him, is love and faith), organizes a scientific and cultural exhibition throughout the days of the birth, which includes posters that introduce the purified biography of the Prophet and explain the scientific issues related to thisoccasion to the audience.

The participation of the sheikhs, their advocacy efforts, and their contributions in all aspects of life at the local and global levels, with pictures that illustrate these activities, in addition to a library in which the scholarly works of the sheikhs of the organized and scattered order are presented, especially the works of the revamped Imam Professor Sheikh Hassan, which There are 127 books in various fields of science and knowledge.

They also allocates a tent for children that contains a puppet theater and cartoon films presenting the Prophet’s biography, public morals, cultural competitions, recitation of the Noble Qur’an, reading the hadiths of the Prophet, praises, chanting and remembrance, in addition to skills development programs such as drawing, acting and performance, and video shows in the tent of the sons and loved ones of the Imam. Revamped Professor Sheikh Hassan Omdurman.

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