A large demonstration in central London in solidarity with Gaza

Thousands demonstrated in central London on Saturday in support of the Palestinians and to denounce the massacres committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip for the eighth day in a row.

The demonstrations took place after the British police warned that anyone expressing support for the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) would expose him to arrest.

The participants – who gathered near the headquarters of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) during the morning – began a march in the British capital before another demonstration in the afternoon near Parliament and the residence of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in Downing Street.

Thousands participated in demonstrations in support of the Palestinians in central London

Prior to the protest movement in London, the Metropolitan Police announced that it would deploy more than a thousand officers.

The demonstrators raised Palestinian flags and banners with slogans written on them, including “Freedom for Palestine,” “Stop the massacre,” and “Sanctions for Israel.”

The violent Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip continues for the eighth day in a row, leaving more than 2,200 martyrs and 7,696 injured, while the resistance responded by targeting Israeli towns with missiles.

Last Saturday, the Palestinian resistance launched Operation Al-Aqsa Flood in response to the Israeli violations against the Palestinians and their sanctities, which led to the death of 1,500 Israelis and more than 3,500 injured.

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