After several complaints… Sovereign directives to combat Sudanese negative phenomena abroad

Member of the Transitional Sovereign Council D. Abdelbaki Abdelkader Al-Zubair reiterated the State’s great interest in the Sudanese sector working abroad, stressing the acceleration of the operationalization of the national mechanism for the protection of Sudanese in the countries of diaspora.

During his meeting on Sunday at the Republican Palace, the Secretary-General of the Sudanese Agency for Foreign Affairs said that Sudanese in all countries have a good reputation and must be preserved by following up all their issues and working to resolve them while fighting negative phenomena in the countries of diaspora.

The Secretary-General of the Sudanese Foreign Service, Makin Hamid Terab, said that he had handed over to the member of the Sovereign Council the report of this year’s Committee on Negative Phenomena, which was designed to address all the problems and issues of Sudanese abroad in order to ensure the good reputation of Sudanese in the countries of diaspora.

The recently formed national machinery is concerned with all the problems of workers abroad, whether criminal, security or labour. The mechanism is aimed at protecting them and preserving the good reputation achieved by the Sudanese by the migrant. The mechanism was established in the 2006 year and was restructured in the 2020s.

He revealed that this national mechanism will stop all the problems facing Sudanese abroad and provide legal and financial support to them. He pointed out that all cases will be confined to a number of countries. He pointed out that the beginning of its work will be after the holiday of Eid al-Adha al-Mubarak, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya and the emirates, and from other countries where Sudanese face problems or criminal cases.

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