Al-Burhan confirms Sudan’s commitment to cooperate with all human rights mechanisms

The President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, General Abdul Fatah al-Burhan, reaffirmed Sudan’s commitment to human rights issues as an integral part of the faith, customs and traditions of the Sudanese people.

In meeting with the independent expert on human rights in Sudan, Adama Deng, His Excellency called for the non-politicization and impartiality of human rights issues.

The Director of the Department of Human Rights, Women and Children’s Rights of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in a press release that the purpose of the meeting was to inform the President of the Sovereign Council of the results of the independent expert’s visit to the Sudan and his meetings.

The President of the Sovereign Council welcomed the independent news and assured him of the Sudan’s cooperation with all human rights mechanisms and invited him to be impartial and to obtain information from its official sources.

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