Al-Burhan meets the delegation of the national machinery to support democratic civic transformation

The President of the Sovereign Council met with the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Abdul Fatah al-Burhan, the delegation of the National Mechanism to Support Democratic Civilian Transition and Stop the War under the chairmanship of former Sovereign Council member Aisha Musa.

The meeting touched on the mechanism’s vision of restoring a peaceful, civil and democratic path.

Captain Adel al-Mufti, rapporteur of the Mechanism, said in a press statement that the meeting reviewed the Mechanism’s efforts to create a national consensus leading to the cessation of the war and the formation of an interim transitional authority, stating that the outputs of the meeting were good human beings for the Sudanese people.

The cessation of war and the reconstruction of the war were at the top of the Mechanism’s priorities.

The Mechanism Rapporteur explained that the Mechanism’s road map had been handed over to the President of the Sovereign Council, stating that the map included the cessation of the war and the formation of an emergency government that would carry out national commitments with regard to development, urbanization, relief for Sudanese affected by the war and the opening of humanitarian corridors to enter the states of Khartoum and Darfur.

The meeting will be followed by meetings with political blocs, civil society organizations, Sufi roads and resistance committees to agree on an emergency government or a national civil front that will contribute to the cessation of the war and lead a Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue between all political forces without exclusion.

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