Al Hilal confirms the completion of the deal for its Congolese coach

The Sudanese Al Hilal club has resolved the controversy over what is being raised about the collapse of negotiations with Congolese coach Florent Ibenge.

Deputy Secretary-General of Al Hilal Club Rami Kamal said, according to the media office that the board of directors completed its agreement with Florent on all the details some time ago.

“Ibinge is excited about his experience with Al Hilal,” he added. Rami revealed the real reasons behind Florent’s presence in Khartoum at the present time. He added, “Florent aimed to stop early on some files related to the nature of his work on the ground and express his opinion about them.”

Al-Hilal announced the departure of Florent to Morocco due to lack of time, in order to arrange many practical files before returning to Khartoum.

The Congolese Florent Rahala landed in the Sudanese capital, in preparation for taking over the task of training Al Hilal.

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