An air bridge to transport aid from Qatar to Sudan

Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the arrival of two Qatari Armed Forces aircraft at Port Sudan airport on the Red Sea carrying specialized medicines provided by the Qatar Development Fund.

It said in a statement that this is “within the airlift operated by the State of Qatar, to provide relief to the sisterly Sudanese people due to the humanitarian crisis and the difficult conditions they are currently experiencing due to the continued fighting.”

The statement stated that Qatar’s Ambassador to the Sudan, Mr. Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al-Sada, reaffirmed Qatar’s permanent support for the Sudan and its standing with the Sudanese people, stressing Qatar’s firm position on the need to preserve the security, stability and territorial integrity of the Sudan.

For his part, the Federal Minister of Health of the Republic of the Sudan expressed his country’s appreciation for the ongoing response of the State of Qatar, noting that it was of great importance, particularly after the displacement due to recent developments according to the statement.

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