An upcoming meeting between the Forces of Freedom and Change (the Central Council) and the National Accord Group

The Liaison Committee of the Alliance for Freedom and Change, headed by Mini Arko Minawi, intends to hold a meeting with the Central Council of Freedom Forces on the current situation in the country next week.

A source in the Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change revealed that the coalition agreed on the approval of the National Accord Movement to present its vision of overthrowing what they called the coup, nullifying decisions and procedures related to it, and restoring the transitional situation.

In an expanded meeting last week, the national consensus Group decided to meet with all parties to reach a broad consensus that would end the growing political tension.

Sources in the National Accord Group said that a meeting will be held today with the Union Party established under the leadership of Jaafar Al-Mirghani, followed by a meeting with the Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change and the National Umma Party.

He explained that these meetings dealt with specific discussion points, the latest of which was the selection of the Prime Minister, the Transitional Government Sovereignty Council, the Legislative Council for the transitional period, the constitutional issues of the Juba Peace Agreement and its entitlements, Sudan’s platform for dialogue, security and dialogue, as well as the Defense Council, judicial and judicial institutions, and the formation of commissions.

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