Armed Forces Spokesperson: There has been no change in the National Service Law

The official spokesman for the armed forces, Brigadier General Nabil Abdullah, denied what was circulated on social media about a recommendation to activate the National Service Law for students, and that the Sudanese certificate be extracted from inside the camps. He said in a statement that the National Service Law has not changed, nor has it been amended or changed, and there is no problem with it.

He added that the law for the target groups of students to perform the national service has not changed, and the authorities will not resort to the system of campaigns targeting young people from the roads and what is known as “Kusha.”

He pointed out that students are required to perform national service after completing the university level, and not after the completion of the Sudanese certificate exams. He added that there was nothing new about secondary school students and their connection to performing national service.

He stressed the continuation of the National Service Law, and its importance in government procedures. And about re-imposing dealings with the national service card to allowfor citizens to travel outside the country; Brigadier General Nabil Abdullah said that the national service card has not been suspended, stressing that a person is not allowed to travel outside the country except with a travel permission from the National Service Department.

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